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About Us

TRADITIONAL MARTIAL ARTS EXPLORE THE PATH BETWEEN SELF PROTECTION AND SELF PERFECTION. As our name implies, at TOMA we teach a self defense system which is founded upon traditional Okinawan martial arts training.  Offering classes for adults, teens and children, our training incorporates practical, unarmed self-defense methods, as well as traditional weaponry (for advanced students); all of which is taught with sensitivity towards the age appropriateness of each technique for the maturity and experience level of the individual student.  At TOMA our goal is to develop self confidence, to foster a positive mental attitude and to encourage appropriate behavior within each of our students.


We believe that when properly taught this complete system of self defense is unsurpassed.  Our system combines methods of punching, kicking and striking with the hands, legs, elbows and knees, with joint locking and throwing to provide our students with the training needed to appropriately respond to any situation which presents itself.


We do not stress "sport" karate for competition.  It’s not about athletics and winning trophies.  We believe the real competition lies within the student, not against another person or team.  We say “Karate doesn’t work, YOU do!” and our classes show you how this can be accomplished using this age old training method.


We teach this traditional karate system in a traditional manner: with emphasis on hard work, self discipline, respect, courtesy, patience and camaraderi.  Through the study of this traditional art a student is taught to grow by forging a strong body, nurturing a “can do” spirit and developing an attentive mind.  As a result, the benefits of our training can translate into other aspects of one’s life.


With membership at TOMA you also gain the opportunity to create and foster an association with like minded individuals and their families. We hold many functions together such as celebrations, recreational activities and social outings. This environment creates a sense of community, fellowship and camaraderie and provides the opportunity to form lasting friendships.  This is why our credo is “Do good karate have FUN!"


At TOMA you have access to one of the largest, most experienced teaching staffs available.  Our staff includes 7 black belt instructors with an average teaching experience of 16 years.  We also have a staff of instructor trainees who must go through a long, rigorous apprenticeship before being eligible for instructor status.  The size of our teaching staff provides each student with a high level attention by knowledgeable and experienced martial arts practitioners.


To Summarize:


  1. We provide a traditional, practical and well rounded method of personal self defense.  This means through long term training, you can gain the ability to address a physical encounter by avoiding, deterring or if necessary, reacting to it.
  2. We provide a traditional environment for personal growth and empowerment.  This means that if you put forth the effort you can forge a strong body, nurture a “can do” attitude and develop an attentive mind, all of which could have a positive effect in your everyday life.
  3. We have a large, knowledgeable and experienced teaching staff with a very low teacher to student ratio which provides each student with a high degree of personal attention.
  4. As a member of TOMA you can associate with like-minded people and families.  This means there is an opportunity to make supportive and lasting friendships.


Please refer to the “Testimonials” section to read first-hand accounts from students and families about the benefits of membership with us.  

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